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Michael Thompson mike.cornflake at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 03:57:15 CET 2015


On 11 January 2015 at 11:44, Andrew Haines <andrewd207 at aol.com> wrote:

> > I played with this for a few minutes and came up with this:
> MPlayerControl1.OnPlaying has to be assigned for
> MPlayerControl1.Position to work.

Oh.  Yes, I see...   That was by design - it never occurred to me that
someone would want to retrieve the .Position without having .OnPlaying
hooked up.

I put the checks in for FOnPlaying in an attempt to minimise "chatter" with
mplayer.   In my testing, I observed degraded playback if that chatter was
excessive.  In truth though - "excessive" was chatter at frequencies
approaching frame by frame querying, not at the frequency Position is
currently updated (twice a second).

Given the current architecture, what I *can't* do is obtain the position
when the user requests it.  I can either constantly query the position
(which is what I currently do when FOnPlaying is assigned) or never ask for

As I see it, we've got 3 options:

1.  Maintain current code
2.  Always request Position from mplayer
3.  Add an Options Flag.  Only request Position if either
optRequestPosition or FOnPLaying assigned.

Now you've raised the issue, I'm not in favour of 1.  2 will introduce
overheads - but as we've seen when FOnPlaying is assigned, those overheads
aren't excessive.  3 preserves my original caution, but perhaps that's

Now that there's a few items on the TODO list, let me know which you
prefer: 2) or 3) and I'll make the changes.

I'll get the .FullScreen property in at the same time (but sorry Pierre:  I
completely lack the knowledge or time to investigate mplayer working with

Many thanks for the feedback

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