[Lazarus] EPIKTIMER etc

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Mon Jun 8 13:34:16 CEST 2015

Just to let you know....

In search of a problem completely unrelated to fpc and Lazarus I found 
out that the reason of the severe timing inaccuracy making this 
application being absolutely unusable for the desired task, has been 
Microsoft "Active Directory".

After I installed Automachron, syncing the PC with an "official" NTP 
Server, the problem vanished. (But the IT department told me that this 
PC will see severe issues, e.g. Active Directory preventing user login. )

I seem to remember, that many FPC built Projects either directly use the 
PC clock as a source for timing or use EPIKTIMER that in some 
incarnations use a CPU based hardware timer and in other incarnation, 
use the PC clock as well.

Now I found that with "Active Directory" in my installation  the PC 
clock erratically fluctuates at rates of at least some 40 seconds per 
hour and at least for a total amount of 40 Seconds.

So it is a lot worse than the uninfluenced clock of even a really cheap 
PC and unusable for many timing tasks.

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