[Lazarus] Docked Form

Balazs Szekely balazsszekely at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 11 13:14:37 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I would like to see the "docked form" feature implemented, because lot of people complaining about the IDE not being modern. Personally I prefer the old non-docked version, but I do understand those, especially younger guys, who are used to more modern IDE's(Visual Studio/Eclipse//Delphi 2007+). 
Today I ported back the docking system from CT. According to (L)GPL license we are allowed to do so. The good part is, the embedded design is optional. The old undocked version is the default, it can be changed from Options/Desktop frame. I attach a patch, which was created against the latest trunk r49313. Can you please test it? Is this a good docking solution? If not why? I tested under Win32/64, GTK2, QT. 

PS:  Please read Readme.txt first. 

Thank you,
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