[Lazarus] Error in lazbuild : depends on debugger package ?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Mon Jun 29 15:30:42 CEST 2015


I get an error running lazbuild from trunk:

   $000000000069F4E5 line 720 of lazloggerbase.pas
   $000000000047F5E6 line 1411 of lclproc.pas
   $00000000004016B4 line 334 of lazbuild.lpr
   $00000000006315F8 line 5596 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
   $000000000060E71F line 1967 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
   $000000000060E5DD line 1977 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
   $00000000004066AC line 1096 of lazbuild.lpr
   $0000000000401CB8 line 416 of lazbuild.lpr
   $0000000000401A5B line 395 of lazbuild.lpr
ERROR: Package file not found
The package "DebuggerIntf" is installed, but no valid package file (.lpk) was found.
A broken dummy package was created.
lazbuild is non interactive, aborting now.

Given that there is no way lazbuild can be used for debugging, I find this a rather strange error.

When I run the 1.2.6 lazbuild, no such error appeared.

I dug somewhat deeper, and found that when the package system is initialized,
in TLazPackageGraph.LoadStaticBasePackages there is a list of packages that is always loaded.

For the following packages, I think it is doubtful that lazbuild needs them:


I think that the initialization can use a parameter 'buildonly : boolean' which simply does not load
"visual" packages when set.


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