[Lazarus] Joint scrolling of parallel memos ?

etienne.leblois at free.fr etienne.leblois at free.fr
Tue Jun 30 16:18:44 CEST 2015


Let a form be with two same-size same-options no word-wrap Tmemo fields. One text is loaded in each memo, say two linguistic versions.

My intention is to make a joint scrolling of the two memos (accepting approximations by the end of the texts if they do not have the same number of lines)


- is there a simple way to impose that scrolling in one memo will apply also in the other one ? 
- if not, can we detect the extent of the displayed text in one memo (resulting from user's input) and apply it in the other memo ?
- if not, can we at least find out what is the first line displayed, helping manual re-sync ?

Thank you for suggestions,


(Lyon, France, in real life).

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