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Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
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The rectangle enclosing the shown data range is called the LogicalExtent 
of the Chart. Therefore, store the LogicalExtent before performing a 
zoom in a TDoubleRect (savedExtent := Chart.LogicalExtent), and to go 
back you just assign it the other way: Chart.LogicalExtent := savedExtent.
(The  unzoomed extent already is available as "Chart.GetFullExtent").

All this is managed by the TChartExtentHistory. Details are explained in 
the Mandelbrot-Tutorial 

Am 04.06.2015 um 21:35 schrieb Richard Mace:
> Hi,
> Another quick question. How can you, via code, zoom out of a chart, 
> effectively back to what it was by default? If that makes sense?
> Thanks
> Richard
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