[Lazarus] Make table with TDataset structure

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Wed Jun 10 16:08:42 CEST 2015

On Wed, 10 Jun 2015, aradeonas wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to make MySQL table from a TDataset structure,is there any ready to use tool?
> An example case :
> We have many SQLite DBs and want to convert them to MySQL and  other than convert tools we can make TDataset from SQLite and
> generate fields automatically and then make DDL MySQL from TDataset and then run it and in the end insert all the data.
> In summery I want to make table create code form Dataset structure.

You can use the FPC data dictionary routines in fpdatadict:

TDDTableDef has ImportFromDataset 
and then you can use 
to create a CREATE TABLE SQL statement.


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