[Lazarus] Is Lazarus FPC compatible to RAD XE5?

aradeonas aradeonas at operamail.com
Sun Jun 14 09:55:35 CEST 2015


If you are asking about just opening project and every things goes well
no its not,depend of project size you should spend time on making it
work with Lazarus,but Lazarus has convert tools that make your work

About components I dont know them maybe others can help you but there
should be replacement or Lazarus port,Just search them,any way its not
very hard to make them work.

About Unicode Lazarus support it has many utf8 functions.

Summery is yes there is a big chance your project will compile with
Lazarus with some work,if you have a good reason for it just begin it
and devlopers here will help you.they are always a BIG help for me.

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