[Lazarus] Docked Form

Juha Manninen juha.manninen62 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 12:52:47 CEST 2015

Actually a latest patch from Balázs also had a PageControl.

Maciej, can you please answer the question from Balázs about your
Windows specific implementation.
You 2 should cooperate with this feature now! There is a danger that I
finally must choose between 2 competing patches and one of you will be
pissed off then. My original purpose in this thread was to find the
best design. I don't know much of the code and I could well make wrong
choices and then get blamed later.

Maciej and Balázs, finally we need one set of patches to apply.
The patch from Balázs must be the starting point now. It has sane
design, has polished features made by CodeTyphon people, is
cross-platform and compiles with FPC 2.6.4.
I still feel the changes promised by Maciej are more about API,
generics collection HashMap is involved, it may require FPC 3.0 etc...
feels like out of scope for the embedded form designer. Besides it
does not need to be in a package, Balázs' patch already has an option
to turn it on/off.
One way would be to commit Balázs' patch when he gets it polished and
then Maciej can provide his improvements later. I don't like the idea
because I believe Maciej has improvements for docked form editor and
later we would get patches competing with the existing design.
Besides I like the idea of improving on CodeTyphon's code for the sake
of technical excellence just like they have improved on ours, in the
true spirit of Open Source.
So please cooperate. You must either create patches and compare them,
or then fork the Lazarus Git repo and commit there (true distributed

You 2 can communicate privately of course but otherwise the discussion
should happen here openly. This issue interests many people and also
Lazarus core developers read this. I refuse to be a middle man in
communication passing messages forward.

It is unusual to have competing patches for a major feature. Recently
we have seen a flood of patches from various people. This project is
getting popular.


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