[Lazarus] Firebird DB replication options

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Sat Jun 20 09:49:15 CEST 2015

On 19.06.2015 19:14, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> Hi,
> [Apologies in advance - I know this is not a Firebird list, but here are
> many Firebird DB users that could possibly comment.]
> Has anybody here used any Firebird database replication software?
> I've been reading up on it a bit, and there seems to be more options
> available that I expected. Has anybody tried any of them, and could
> possibly give some comment.
>> FBReplicator - open source
>> http://www.meta.com.au

I did my replication service application 7 years ago, its still work. I 
used firebird 1.5.6. On center store has a server computer, and this db 
work on LAN more then clients same time.  8 store in different cities. 
All off them has a two way replication. Main store sent data to first 
store, maybe same time or any time first store can sent data to main 
store too. Connection is 8mb adsl line. 2 store has 4mb adsl line. if 
any db(store) has a change record(s) (insert, update, delete) sent to 
all others dbs. So each store has a same ALL datas, and see just self data.

I recommend,
-)need good work on developing tables and stores unique keys
-)use  http://www.winton.org.uk/zebedee/index.html   for compress data 
and secure datas
-)if you use joined tables, don't forget replication tables order
-)use commit after minimum records post. example: after 5-10 records, 
'cos if has a problem, in 999. record have to rollback all of them, and 
restart from 1. this is lost time and make problem.
-)create replication user and make roles

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