[Lazarus] pack website to an executable

Péter Gábor ptrg at freemail.hu
Sat Jun 20 13:42:18 CEST 2015


I prefer THtmlPort (from lazarus-ccr) to show html/css/images from
resources stored in the application. It is not fully up to date with
html/css but if you won't do very special things it can be a good choice.

HtmlPort has a lot of common and html specific event handlers.

For example: OnImageRequest
On an image request you can pass the image via TMemoryStream from
resource to the THtmlViewer

You can add resources to your application here: "Project / Project
Options ... / Resources"

2015-06-20 12:31 keltezéssel, marius matei írta:
> Hello lazarus list,
> I 'd like to create a program that can run a website packed on that
> executable.
> The website  will have only html +css+images .
> The website will contain the documentation for a school project.
> Can you please give me a hint ?
> Thanks in advance.
> -- Marius
> --
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