[Lazarus] Newbie, porting class to FPC but get procedure assignment error

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 17:41:07 CEST 2015

On Sat, 20 Jun 2015 13:33:09 +0200, Bo Berglund
<bo.berglund at gmail.com> wrote:

>On Sat, 20 Jun 2015 13:49:00 +0300, patspiper <patspiper at gmail.com>
>>> Seems like I am almost there except this list of errors....
>>These are used in SPROMEPS.OBJ.
>I figured as much, problem is why that works in Delphi but not in
>FPC/Lazarus? The special functions would of course need the
>definitions etc, but the WinAPI calls should "just execute", or not?

After thinking a while more I don't really understand the problem...
Why are there errors thrown for function calls originating inside the
obj file functions?

If the functions inside the obj function are calling Windows API
functions, why should that be a problem such that Lazarus throws an
It seems like the executable code inside the obj should be able to
handle this itself, right?

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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