[Lazarus] Invisible Breakpoint

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Wed Jun 24 15:14:12 CEST 2015

On 23/06/2015 19:07, aradeonas wrote:
> Its almost first condition but I removed breakpoint but it debugger
> think it still there.
> I will try to to reproduce it,its hard becuse it finds out suddenly but
> as I understand it mostly happen in other packages not the project.
Most Important:
- OS? (Version?)
- CPU?
- Lazarus 1.4 ?
- fpc 2.6.4?
- gdb version (on windows 32 bit, it is 7.2 if you use the normal installer)

So it is also gone from the list in the breakpoint window? (Menu "View" 
 > " Debug Windows")

Do you remove the breakpoint, while the program is
- running
- paused
- debugger stopped
- dgb starting up / pressed F9, but not yet seeing your app on screen
- dbg stopping

This is all in a single debug run? Or do you debug, end debug, start a 
new debug, and in the new debug a breakpoint still exists, that you removed?

Does the code contains any threads?
On Windows: Does it happen shortly after (up to a minute) after using a 
file open/save (or other file/print/system) dialog? Many of them create 

If you can keep the thread window open, so you see if there are any 
threads. (On Windows, hitting pause, creates ONE extra thread)

Try running Lazarus creating a logfile:
When you exit/ restart the IDE, delete the log, or it keeps growing.
When the issue happens again, send the log (if to big for the mail list, 
you can sent directly to me, or attach to a bug created)

When it happens, notice filename and line where the debugger stopped., 
then stop the debugger, without doing any further debugging, and exit 
the ide, so the log will be correctly finished.

Alternatively, if the above is too much / taking to long, then you can 
try to:
- in tools option "reset debugger after each runĀ£
- on Windows 32: use the gdb 7.7.1 (alternative gdb) from the Lazarus 
SourceForge site

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