[Lazarus] Solarized 2 color schemes for Lazarus

aradeonas aradeonas at operamail.com
Tue Jun 30 12:18:19 CEST 2015

> Yup, I know what you mean. I studied many of the officially included
> Soralized themes from their repository. I always kept to the exact
> color values suggested, and tried to find good choices for what colors
> to use for what parts of the Object Pascal syntax, and kept referring
> back to the solarized spec to confirm. I then kept switching between
> dark and light themes to makes sure all is still well and I have a
> consistent contrast.
> I've always used my own dark theme, but I must admit, the Soralized
> theme is well thought out. I have a mobile office, so sometimes I work
> in bright rooms, and then being able to switch to the light theme
> definitely helps with readability and contrast on the screen. But in
> normal office light, I'm always back to the dark theme. :)

So when I finished night version I will let you know so you can check it
and tell me what you think.

> The IDE, like all of LCL adheres to the theme defined by the toolkit
> (or desktop environment). You can't specify a different theme for the
> IDE only, and not for the rest of your desktop environment. Now if
> somebody would only finish the lcl-fpgui widgetset, then that would be
> possible. ;-)

About theme teams like AlphaSkin's team can do a very good work
here,they have years of experience in this field.

Regards, Ara

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