[Lazarus] Conditional Breakpoints - are they supported yet?

Graeme Geldenhuys mailinglists at geldenhuys.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 21:11:53 CET 2015


I remember a couple of years back I asked this question, but then it
wasn't implemented yet. Is this functional yet? I see the wiki page for
that dialog mentions it, so it seems to be possible.


But how do I use it?

eg: I set a breakpoint, then adjust it's properties and add the
condition:  ActualTag = '<h1>'

I also tried
  ActualTag = "<h1>"
  ActualTag := '<h1>'
  ActualTag := '<h1>';

None of them worked. The breakpoint acted like a normal breakpoint and
stopped execution no matter what the value is of ActualTag variable.

I know the wiki set simple expressions/conditions, and thought the above
is as basic as you can get. Any additional info on this topic?

I'm using Lazarus 1.3 r46051 FPC 2.6.4 x86_64-freebsd-gtk 2 with GDB 7.8.1

  - Graeme -

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