[Lazarus] TDBCalendar problems

Donald Ziesig donald at ziesig.org
Sun Mar 15 00:04:34 CET 2015

Hi All!

I have been trying to get the TDBCalendar control to update my database 
with no success.  If I manually update the date field in the table, the 
value is immediately reflected in the control - it changes to the 
correct date.  On the other hand, if I put the dataset in Edit or Insert 
mode and change the control's date, nothing happens after posting the 
data.  The field retains its original value (either blank or the date I 
manually entered).

While trying to debug this, I found a method 
"TFieldDataLink.UpdateRecord" which is invoked by many of the included 
files (*.inc) from DBCtrls.pp, but I can't find anywhere in the source 
code where this method is declared.  Since this is where I would expect 
the value to be written in the table,  and debugger "step-into" doesn't, 
I am at a dead end in debugging.

Am I missing something simple in the use of TDBCalendar (likely) or am I 
doing something that no one has ever tested (unlikely)?


Don Ziesig

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