[Lazarus] Cannot debug

Valdas Jankūnas zmuogs at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 22:18:53 CET 2015


  when I try to debug my code with some breakpoints in IDE (by hitting 
F9) then I always get message from Lazarus:

"The debugger was unable to set all breakpoints during initialization. 
You may with to check if all sources were compiled with debug-info. 
Press OK to ignore this and continue"

  How to fix this to be able to debug?

Current settings:

Project options -> Debugging -> Generate debug info for GDB = checked;
Project options -> Compilation and Linking -> Optimization level = 1 
(also tried 0);
IDE options -> Debuger -> Type and file = GNU debuger, gdb;
External DBG file is generated;

Lazarus 1.5 r48395M FPC 2.6.4 x86_64-linux-qt

   Valdas Jankūnas

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