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Mon Mar 23 21:19:25 CET 2015


Its been a while I'm interest in making new style designs with Lazarus.
For years I was making classic UI like all we done,Just a windows style
and maximum a them like Delphi's AlphaSkin or things like that. But UI
designing is changing,I see shots that I have no good idea to how make
them live. Now I think with BGRABitmap and its control may it be
possible but how?How that it have speed,design be possible and many
other things that is important to make these controls and styles live.
I know its possible with other languages specialty web programing but
how in Lazarus?Is it even wisely to do this in Lazarus? Here is a
sample shot[1],Tell me what you think?Is it possible,what ways do you
think is better?

PS,Yes I know we can make controls like BGRABitmap's control and I made
  some test controls but I want to it be clear the best way for start or
  any other library that you think its good for.

Regards, Ara


  1. https://dribbble.com/shots/1315388-Dashboard-Web-App-Product-UI-Design-Job-Summary/attachments/184703

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