[Lazarus] Is this RC2 issue or my unknowledge?

JuuS JuuS at mykolab.ch
Fri Mar 27 21:40:24 CET 2015

Happy Friday,

Before I put on RC1, then RC2, I would find that adding a procedure gave
something like this in body:

procedure TfrmJuuRSync.EditButton1Change(Sender: TObject);


I would then realize I don't want this procedure. If I left it blank, no
code lines added, and recompiled the program the IDE took out the empty
proc as well as the declaration in the class. I really liked this.

Or: I would have a procedure/function I no longer wanted. I simply
deleted all code and var declarations, recompiled and the IDE took out
the unneeded code for me, in the body and in the class.

But since my installing RC's it is not doing this anymore. Which means I
have to delete the procedure body manually, then go to the class and
delete the declaration.

Am I missing something? Have I clicked a checkbox in Options that I
shouldn't have?

Thanks, enjoy.


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