[Lazarus] Startup delay of project (Qt)

Vojtěch Čihák vojtech.cihak at atlas.cz
Sat Mar 7 17:57:40 CET 2015

I execued Lazarus in strace but no it gives no special output.
TExternalTool.DoExecute Title="Compile Project, Mode: Default, Target: project1" Process.CurrentDirectory="/home/v1/tmp/" Executable="/usr/local/bin/fpc" Params:
[TCompiler.Compile] end
TMainIDE.DoBuildProject compiler time in s: 3,04200032260269
TMainIDE.DoInitProjectRun ProgramFilename=/home/v1/tmp/project1
[TMainIDE.DoRunProject] Debugger=TGDBMIDebugger
[TMainIDE.DoRunProject] END
TGDBMIDebugger.StartDebugging WorkingDir="/home/v1/tmp/"
However, I noticed that when I run project in xterm (via Run parameters ... -> Use launching application), execution is much faster.
Also, I tried add 'strace' to command:
/usr/bin/xterm -T  'strace Lazarus Run Output' -e $(LazarusDir)/tools/runwait.sh $(TargetCmdLine)
It also executes project quickly, but gives no output.
> Od: zeljko <zeljko at holobit.net>
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> Datum: 07.03.2015 16:48
> Předmět: Re: [Lazarus] Startup delay of project (Qt)

Maybe strace could help.


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