[Lazarus] How to write an eficient lexical scanner/parser?

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> This is a classic series of articles that show how to write a very simple
> compiler in Turbo Pascal. The fundamentals when it comes to scanning are
> the same:
> http://compilers.iecc.com/crenshaw/
> I've also written a BASIC implementation for Free Pascal and Lazarus. The
> scanner should be straightforward to understand:
> http://runtimelegend.com/rep/rbasic/artifact/2350e85c36a77e4d2d76adde23fd7d45731b5b22
> The compiler code shows how it can be used:
> http://runtimelegend.com/rep/rbasic/artifact/93859f52fd424edfc1e0d5dfd16a92ed8ac04855
> But you may also find the formatter code simpler. Although it is a bit too
> simple:
> http://runtimelegend.com/rep/rbasic/artifact/f3e9fb2d1ed8e60d36b50754c2d9a7d7c109fc40
> For general theory you can look on recursive descent parsers (they're the
> simplest to implement and AFAIK most compilers use them, either to build
> the token list or directly).

I downloaded the PDF with all articles.

Thank you very much!

Silvio Cl├ęcio
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