[Lazarus] How to cast a Interface to a Object in Lazaeus

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> OK,So in the end how can I cast a Interface to a Object in Lazarus?

The syntax show here:
works in FPC as well.

   LIntfRef: IInterface;
   LObj: TInterfacedObject;
   { Create an interfaced object and extract an interface from it. }
   LIntfRef := TInterfacedObject.Create();

   { Cast the interface back to the original object. }
   LObj := LIntfRef as TInterfacedObject;

BUT, it would only work, if you're using COM interfaces (wont work corba).
It works for COM interfaces only because FPC just checks that an interface
implements IObjectInstance (via COM queryinterface method).

IObjectInstance: TGuid = '{D91C9AF4-3C93-420F-A303-BF5BA82BFD23}';

All pascal objects implement it, thus you don't have to specify it

If you're not using COM interfaces, then you'll need to add getObject()
method to your interface.

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