[Lazarus] lazbuild CheckIfCurPkgOutDirNeedsCompile Missing state file for

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Sat Mar 14 17:36:18 CET 2015

On 14.03.2015 18:15, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
> Your log showed a warning that the packages were not built properly.
> If you want to know if this warning is serious you have to tell us what
> you did.
Ok. I remove lazarus now, and run my script again. Downlaod svn lazarus 
then make. finished without error.
then execute that commandline ./lazbuild .......
then I get this errors now:
I removed same lines
TLazPackageGraph.CheckIfCurPkgOutDirNeedsCompile  Missing state file for 
laz_fpspreadsheetexport_visual 1.4.2: 
An unhandled exception occurred at $0000000000000000:
EAccessViolation: Access violation

TFPCMsgFilePool.Destroy file still used: 
An unhandled exception occurred at $000000010055A618:
Exception: TFPCMsgFilePool.Destroy some files are still used

For test, Run lazarus IDe, its worked, then from tools menu configure -> 
build lazarus IDE builded ! restarted and all packs added !!!
Test my project, its compiled, running and debuging.
>> >Log not start from there, I get warning message in log and add 1-2 lines
>> >before. I have not error, I builded IDE and start using now
>> >This is my commandline:
>> >
>> >./lazbuild --pcp=/Users/"$User_Name"/.lazarus --quiet --build-all
>> >--skip-dependencies --build-ide= --ws=qt --cpu=x86_64 --compiler=ppcx64
> Well, if you pass "--skip-dependencies", then you are an expert and
> you know what you are doing. Or the opposite.
> Mattias
yes I don't need compile every time same codes, I'm not change packs, if 
I add new one, work on it Imean try learn how to work then use it.

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