[Lazarus] Does a Lazarus build include the revision of the FPC used to compile it?

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Tue Mar 24 09:27:41 CET 2015

On 24 March 2015 at 06:42, leledumbo <leledumbo_cool at yahoo.co.id> wrote:

> > Is including the FPC revision part of the Lazarus build
> nope
> > does FPC have a way of telling its revision number, if it is checked out
> > from a Git mirror, ie using `git archive` without the metadata?
> nope, only version (fpc -iV), and that's what building revision.inc in the
> Lazarus build process does
So the revision.inc is for Lazarus only, not FPC? I need to compile Lazarus
and FPC from a source only archive without the metadata, and I am creating
the revision.inc for Lazarus from the commit messages. If it is not
necessary for FPC then that should be fine, otherwise I will have to clone
the corresponding commits for the compilation.

Frank Church

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