[Lazarus] Tutorial: Animating desktop widgets

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 14:17:40 CET 2015

Cross Codebot is still in development. I need people to test it, and
feedback, rather than general open to the public users.

For this tutorial I added an refresh rate sync timer and vector math
geometry units, for the last one I added in the animation easing library,
for the one before that I enhanced the bitmap copy backends.

If people someone is interested enough to reply ask for access, then I'm
happy to give them a git account and see them on the forums to discuss
questions or improvements. Otherwise they can just wait for a wider more
public release.

And jsut for everyone's information, Cross Codebot contains a lot more than
just the hardware graphics backend. it contains a totally new custom socket
library, http client, ftp, web storage (s3, google drive, azure), several
really nice from scratch controls, such as a fast virtual grid control and
virtual lsit control:


New color pickers, new imafe lists, new sliders, new control containers.
It's a port of my prteviously open Codebot library which was located here,
but taken down after I sold some custom code to a French company:


Custom code which was sold off:


Since then the Library has grown to over 180 controls which I am slowly
porting to Lazarus and the ISurface graphics library.

Controls like the step picker:


Or the color controls:

http://www.codebot.org/delphi/?doc=9524 (already ported)

I still have 150 controls left to port, all of them unique and interesting (
http://www.codebot.org/delphi/?doc=9556). But at this point, if I only want
users who care enough to request access and might give feedback, rather
than general public users who aren't following along with development and
might complain bombard me about feature x not working or missing.
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