[Lazarus] Cross Codebot surface drawing examples

Lukasz Sokol el.es.cr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 11:31:08 CET 2015

On 26/03/15 19:16, Anthony Walter wrote:
> Cross Codebot is a set a collection of Free Pascal cross platform
> routines, classes, components, and controls. It uses makes prodigious
> of the newer Free Pascal language features, including: generics,
> generic interfaces, class/record helpers, records with methods, and
> both implicit and explicit conversion methods.
[trimmed rest of context, while interesting and great, has nothing to do with my question...]

How difficult would it be for you to try to collaborate with
the Lazarus team to get this components/classes suite OFFICIALLY included ?
With code, documentation and everything ?

I speak for myself only here, as a mere user... 

getlazarus.org as a vantage point is ok-ish (*), for now...

but I think, you should offer this for inclusion either with the collection of
other Lazarus and FPC components (Lazarus-CCR?), get in touch with the team,
why not eventually become part of the team, towards even greater Lazarus and FPC ?

(pardon me if you had been making moves towards/like this, I am only 
reading lazarus-general and fpc-general through gmane interface,
and I'm not subscribed to other places... )

This could also, in the true spirit of Open Source, make outside contributions
to your suite easier.

(* just a bit of bitter in the bag of sweet: 
apart from the download page /still/ forcing my Firefox on Linux to download a
sh script the moment I click on the Download button at the top of any page...
which I DO NOT LIKE and I said that before, 
and I tried to submit a fix for it over the wiki engine TWICE,
and still it's not fixed...)

el es

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