[Lazarus] IBUS warning

JuuS JuuS at mykolab.ch
Sat Mar 28 10:29:10 CET 2015

On 03/28/2015 12:10 AM, Giuliano Colla wrote:
> Il 27/03/2015 20:48, JuuS ha scritto:
>> Thanks for that Giuliano. I've done INet searches researching this.
>> There are a number (read: a lot) of disgruntled people regarding ibus.
>> But I could never find a straight answer from researching if it was
>> "safe" to completely remove it without messing up input system. I think
>> this fear is a holdover from some of my MS experiences.
> If you're using Kde-Plasma Desktop you should find a Settings->Input
> Method menu entry: unchecking the "enable" box should be enough to
> disable Ibus. At least that's what I find on my desktop.

Thanks Giuliano, I'm on Kubuntu 14.04 with, AFAIK, the default desktop.
I don't have that choice in my settings. On my system ibus is very well
hidden (i've looked in all the most likely places) which is why it is so
frustrating. I'll pull through  ;-)


> Giuliano

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