[Lazarus] Forwarding events/messages

Martin Grajcar maaartinus at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 17:54:18 CET 2015

I'd like to forward a TLMVScroll message to the parent component as a
workaround for controls preventing parents from receiving mouse wheel
events (I couldn't find out how to let the parents receive them).

The problem is that the handler is

PROCEDURE TWhatever.WMVScroll(VAR Message : TLMVScroll);

and I need to put it in

FUNCTION SendMessage(HandleWnd: HWND; Msg: Cardinal; WParam: WParam;
LParam: LParam): LResult;

Or am I missing a more suitable procedure? Why is there no

SendMessage(Message : TLMVScroll);

which would do exactly this?

My workaround is to scroll manually, like

TScrollingWinControl(Parent).ScrollBy (0, ScrollAmount);

but this feels stupid as it duplicates the ScrollAmount computation.
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