[Lazarus] Do not recompile all package dependencies

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Thu Nov 12 10:50:55 CET 2015

If I change compiler settings for a project, all packages have to be 
recompiled as well.

Is there a chance to store the precompiled (object) files of the 
packages in a custom location for a project/build mode?

I tried to set -FU in "Additions and Overrides" to a custom absolute 
path but it doesn't seem to help. Furthermore I get warnings about 
duplicate files:

Note: Duplicate unit "actnlist" in "LCLBase 1.5", 


Is there a way to achieve that packages won't be recompiled upon 
project/buildmode change? (= different directories for the precompiled 
files will be used). It takes quite long to recompile the LCL packages.


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