[Lazarus] Documentation Statistics

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 08:57:29 CET 2015

After running the fpdoc on trunk copies of the rtl, fcl, and lcl here are
some statistics. This doesn't include all the various interface (win32,
gtk2, qt, ect) units.

191 pascal units were processed.
846 classes/record types are documented
    123 in the rtl
    207 in the fcl
    516 in the lcl
11,642 entries for members attached to those class/record types
12,685 identifiers not attached to class/record types

9866 rtl html pages generated
4099 fcl html pages generated
19,272 lcl html pages generated

33,237 total html pages generated

A list of classes/records by package:

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