[Lazarus] Just a quick pascal game related video

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 14:03:32 CET 2015

Some people on the Lazarus forums where discussing frames and time with
regards to game development. I decided to create a real quick video
demonstrating what I consider how to deal with time.

That is, don't use a TTimer, instead use a high performance time function,
wrap it in a class, and for the purposes of game dev, you should have
separate logic and render thread which are all apart from the message queue
(user interface) thread.

Here is the quick demonstration video (based on SDL 2) which I created:


If you're interested in playing around with these type of approach,
BareGame is located at github:


To integrate with Lazarus

open package source/barerun.lpk and compile
then open package tools/design/baredsgn.lpk and install

You can then select "Project | New Project ... | Game Project"

You'll need SDL 2 installed to run game projects.
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