[Lazarus] Test This Please

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 13:38:37 CET 2015

Michael, I am going to release my makedeb application and then come back to
fixing/modifying this app. I'll work on z-order per your suggestion, but
also add the ability to move/resize the default position. I also plan to
add a options screen where you can redefine the colors, the animation
interval (10, 5, 2 times a second), as well as the option to smooth out
data point (drawing curves between nodes rather than lines). I also will
add the ability to turn off/on compositing and flat from the options screen.

With regards to moving/sizing, i think I will change the layout based on
they way it's resized. The way I imagin it iff you make the window thin and
tall it will stack each cpu graph its own rows. If you resize wide and not
very high, then cpu graphs will be displayed in consecutive columns. And if
size it big it will look as it is now.
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