[Lazarus] Using event driven components in console application

taazz taz at evosi.eu
Fri Nov 6 15:51:02 CET 2015

On 06/11/2015 11:25 πμ, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> JuuS wrote:
>> On 11/05/2015 07:05 PM, JuuS wrote:
>>> On 11/04/2015 12:30 PM, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
>>>> JuuS wrote:
>>>>> On 11/04/2015 09:48 AM, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
>>>>>> When building the IDE you'd normally use  make bigide  or similar 
>>>>>> which
>>>>>> would use the platform defaults, but depending on what libraries 
>>>>>> etc.
>>>>>> were available you could also use e.g.  make LCL_PLATFORM=qt bigide
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> This question / discussion is also very interesting to me (warning
>>>>> possible dumb questions ahead).
>>>>> I am still very vague on the widget type/set in my gnu/linux 
>>>>> education.
>>>>> I'm kub14.04, the ide then uses gtk2, all automatic.
>>>> If that's Kububtu, I'd expect it to be using KDE which implies you've
>>>> already got Qt. Assuming that you have- or can add- libqt4pas-dev then
>>>> you can build the Lazarus IDE etc. for Qt.
>>> Ahhhh. Thank you for the insight! Yes, I can now compile qt as well as
>>> gtk2.
>>> So simple!!...when you know what is needed...
>> Just FYI for others that may be in my position:
>> This insight (using a qt version) just solved the problem I was having
>> with a later install version of kub 14.04 and kub 15.04 and 15.10 where
>> a simple progress bar from the comp. palette showed fine in my
>> development computer (earlier install v. of 14.04) but would NOT show in
>> those other two versions. Ouch.
>> Thanks again, you just solved a headache for me (but one needs to
>> install the libqt4pas5 library on the destination machines, even so
>> problem solved).
> Having to have that library is unfortunate, but is a fundamental 
> requirement since Qt exposes a C++ API which is not directly usable by 
> FPC.
I thought  that any C++ API is not directly usable outside the compiler 
that build it. Even an older version of the same compiler might not be 
able to use it or a newer one for that matter. Am I wrong?

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