[Lazarus] Extending TRect breaks Lazarus

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Fri Nov 6 22:45:26 CET 2015

Luca Olivetti wrote:
> El 06/11/15 a les 18:10, Martin Schreiber ha escrit:
>> You are joking, no? It has been discussed on fpc-pascal/fpc-devel several
>> times. An IIRC Italian community member then usually shows a syntax
>> description of a safe "with" statement from a maybe more than 20 year old
>> pascal dialect.
> I don't know if that's me, but, yes, I used a variant of pascal (by 
> texas instruments) that allowed to declare aliases with "with", e.g
>  with a=somerecord, b=someotherrecord do
>  begin
>    a.x:=b.x;
>  end;

Just because something is 20+ years old doesn't necessarily make it bad. 
That syntax looks OK to me (i.e. make a and b look like consts) but I 
also find myself wondering what the type rules are, i.e.

with pod: TTabSheet= Pages.Objects[deleteAt] do


with pod= TTabSheet(Pages.Objects[deleteAt]) do

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