[Lazarus] More testing please

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 21:16:23 CET 2015

Just some FYI on tray icons on most Ubuntu systems .. you can't get mouse
click events on them. As a matter of fact you can't get any events at all.
The only thing you can do is assign a menu and respond to the clicks of the
menu items. Here is some more information in this regards:



Some firm decisions

*3. Constrained behaviour* All the indicators will take the form of an
indicator (icon or text), and a menu. Clicking on an indicator will open
its menu. Keyboard navigation will always work, and left and right arrows
will translate either into submenu navigation or flipping from indicator to
indicator. The whole set of indicators on the panel will be navigable as a
single menu, in essence. We won’t support “right click” on indicators
differently from “left click”, and there’ll be no ability for arbitrary
applications to define arbitrary behaviors to arbitrary events on
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