[Lazarus] Please test this page

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Nov 17 17:39:32 CET 2015

On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 04:40:55PM +0100, Ondrej Pokorny wrote:
> I don't know about RTL and FCL but the LCL docs in 
> http://lazarus-ccr.sourceforge.net/docs/lcl/index.html are terribly 
> outdated.

Is that the case for the current release cycle? Keep in mind that the
online docs reflect release, not trunk status.
> Dou you think you could generate the HTML docs directly from the 
> sources? Maybe one portal from the latest stable release and one portal 
> from the trunk?

This already happens, though the sites need to be updated manually (but that
is like tar xvf somearchive after the release)
> Otherwise your documentation portal is as useless as 
> http://lazarus-ccr.sourceforge.net/docs/lcl/index.html :(

I do think the absense of any version or date is annoying, and a
webdevelopment faux pas.

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