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Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Tue Nov 17 18:25:49 CET 2015

On 17.11.2015 17:57, Marco van de Voort wrote:
> Those are from last january, my guess is that they are of trunk.

Either me or you look wrongly. When I show the log for 
docs/xml/lcl/controls.xml I don't see any modification from last January.

I see this:

The text was changed in revision 36803:

Index: controls.xml
--- controls.xml    (revision 36802)
+++ controls.xml    (revision 36803)
@@ -11143,9 +11143,8 @@
        <!-- function Visibility: public -->
        <element name="TWinControl.CanFocus">
          <short>Is this control allowed to receive the focus?</short>
-        <descr>A control can get the focus only when all of its Parents
-          are Visible and Enabled.
-        </descr>
+        <descr>A control can get the focus only when all of its Parents 
except the form are Visible and Enabled.
+While CanFocus checks all control parents it does not check whether a 
form control is placed on can have focus.</descr>

See more information in the assigned bug report: 


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