[Lazarus] Video: Docked Designer Test

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 09:31:54 CET 2015

To those worried about components being cluttered on top of each other, do
you really think it would be that difficult to address?

All the docked designer implementation needs to do is assign a position
(Left,Top) to new non-visual components (NVC), that is those added while in
docked designed mode. If there is an existing NVC nearby it just picks the
next available (Left,Top) in a grid for the new NVC. It's not that

EG. repeat in an arbitrarily sized grid pattern ...

Is there a NVC between 0,0 and 48,48? Yes?
Is there a NVC between 48,0 and 96,48? Yes.
Is there a NVC between 0,48 and 48,96? No?

Okay then put the NVC at Left: 0; Top:48. Problem solved.

Next time a non docked designer using team member opens the project,
they'll see a new component placed at 0,48. They can move it if they want.
If the docked designer using team member goes back to working on said
shared project, the placement of the NVCs will not be affected, because to
him the NVCs positions on the form are never modified unless he adds a new
NVC. If a new NVC is added while in docked design mode, go back to EG.

Not that hard.
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