[Lazarus] Install FPC and Lazarus from source

Alfred alfred at consulab.nl
Tue Nov 24 20:21:59 CET 2015

Yes, I am reading this !

>Is fpcup's current maintainer reading this?
>There should be a note that updating both FPC and Lazarus trunk is a
>"guru action" and the person should know what he is doing then.
>fpcup makes it too easy and give an impression it is OK for everybody.
>They could be a new fpcup 2 with a new GUI and revamped options.
My observation is that fpcup is much used by novice pascal developers.
Those users appreciate the fact that fpcup gives them FPC and Lazarus in 
a breeze.
On nearly all available OS.

Could you please state your concerns more clearly.
I could add a warning or some extra instructions for the fpcup users, if 

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