[Lazarus] Sending secure smtp email via Synapse

Richard Mace richard.mace at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 11:29:18 CEST 2015

Hi All,
I am trying to send secure SMTP email by using Synapse and Lazarus 1.4.2
under Windows 7 and am not getting very far.
I have followed the example on this page:

and am wondering whether I am missing some DLL's or something, as I can't
get it to work.

When debugging through the code, the following code is not run as
SMTP.login returns false:

    if SMTP.Login then
      result := SMTP.MailFrom(MailFrom, Length(MailData)) and
         SMTP.MailTo(MailTo) and

I am currently trying to send via smtp.gmail.com on port 465, but I'll need
to allow the option in my application for any SMTP server to be used.

I have "ssl_openssl" in my uses, but I haven't downloaded any DLL(s)?

Could anybody point me in the right direction please?

Many thanks

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