[Lazarus] Application slow shutting down

Susie Nicol susie.k.nicol at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 04:32:39 CEST 2015


I have an application with a main form, and several others whuich are only
ever used in modal form.

The application is slow to terminate, and I cannot see why.  The shutdown
procedure, simplified a little looks like this: (datamodified a global
Boolean; savedata another procedure in the same unit; the SQLcomponents are
in a a data module)

procedure FinishUp;

  if datamodified then


Application.Terminate  {line A}


The debugger shows me that everything is fine until line A, when the
program hangs: often for 15 seconds, sometimes for ever.

XFCE on Linux complains that the window containing the main form cannot be
closed because 'the application may be busy'.

I have tried to replace line A with 'halt' or 'close' without any
difference. The connection to the database is indeed closed.

I am using Lazarus 1.4.2, 64-bit, Linux XFCE desktop, GTK+2 widget set.

Any suggestions about where to look next will be very welcome.
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