[Lazarus] FormatFloat('#,##.00', -1) -> .-1,00

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Mon Sep 7 17:14:07 CEST 2015

>  the function FormatFloat delivers a bad formatted negative value 
> with(!) the dot from ThousandSeparator.
> In sysint.inc i found:
>    { Character that is put every 3 numbers in a currency }
>   ThousandSeparator : Char absolute 
> DefaultFormatSettings.ThousandSeparator *deprecated*;

The format '#,##0.00' means: Format the number with two decimal places, 
even if it is an integer. Replace the dot by 
DefaultFormatSettings.DecimalSeparator. If the number is greater than 
1000 (or less than -1000) add a thousand separator, replace the comma by 
the DefaultFormatSettings.ThousandSeparator. The '#' identifies optional 
digits which will be shown only when needed. The '0' identifies digits 
which will be shown even if the corresponding digit would be 0 (i.e. if 
the format string were '0,000.00' then the number 12 would be displayed 
as '0.012,00' if DecimalSeparator is '.' and ThousandSeparator is '.').

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