[Lazarus] Desktops and multiple source editors

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Wed Sep 9 17:31:48 CEST 2015

On 09.09.2015 17:16, Ondrej Pokorny wrote:
> On 09.09.2015 12:58, Juha Manninen wrote:
>> Martin Friebe noticed a problem with desktops and multiple source
>> editor windows.
>> In fact I also noticed that a second source editor is not restored
>> correctly when changing desktops.
>> Now I realized the 2nd, 3rd etc. editor windows are project specific,
>> while other layout settings are global. This is not very logical. How
>> to solve it?
>> I think all layout settings should be global for the sake of consistency.
>> Juha
> The settings are saved correctly in the environment settings. Try to 
> save a desktop with 2 editor windows, move something (including the 
> editor windows) and then load the desktop. Both editor windows are 
> positioned correctly.
> Actually, from the principal point of view, the code is correct. 
> Editor windows are normal nonmodal windows and so they are 
> restored/closed on desktop change like any other window. If you stored 
> a desktop without a secondary editor window, it is closed when you 
> apply the desktop.
> But I see that this is not wanted and expected from the user's point 
> of view ->
> That means secondary editor windows need special treatment in 
> *TEnvironmentOptions.UseDesktop/TIDEWindowCreatorList.RestoreSimpleLayout*. 
> It should not change visibility of editor windows. It should only 
> change their position.
> I fixed this in the undocked environment. See the patch. Please 
> test/comment. The special windows that should not be closed/shown on 
> desktop change have to be registered in the 
> *IDEWindowsDontChangeVisibility* list (names of the forms). Currently 
> only editor windows are added into the list.
> Important: if you save a desktop with a secondary editor and use it, 
> the position of the secondary editor is restored. If you save a 
> desktop with no secondary editors and you apply the desktop when there 
> is a secondary editor window visible, it won't change its position. 
> This is correct behavior.
> + Please don't report bugs like "I created a desktop with no editor 
> window. But when I apply it, the editor window isn't closed." This is 
> the requested behavior now (there is no difference between 
> secondary/primary editor window).
> Ondrej
+ Maybe package windows should be treated the same way as editor 
windows? They are closed/opened on desktop change as well (the same 

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