[Lazarus] Build of Lazarus fails on Mac with STABS error (perhaps because of MacOSX 10.11??)

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> 	(perhaps because of MacOSX 10.11??)
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> I am not sure if I understand correctly what you mean.
> Is there a way to pass -gw with the help of lazbuild? I checked, but did
> not find anything obious.
> The only other option would be to fix all Makefiles with a sed script
> (there is quite a number of -g in the Makefiles) this works of course
> but it would be better to have this solved in a another way.
> Do you know if Stabs for Mac is only removed on trunk or also removed in
> 3.0?
> 3.0 will some day get officially supported compiler for building
> lazarus, but not trunk.
> Michael

To the best of my capabilities I have resolved this issue in the fink packages for lazarus 1.4.2 and fpc 2.6.4.The package descriptions contain all required changes, but also some more. In short, the following change in the source code needs to be applied:

  sed -i.bak "s|GenerateDwarf/Value', false|GenerateDwarf/Value', true|g" ide/compileroptions.pp

Then compile the sources with:

  make clean bigide LCL_PLATFORM=carbon OPT="-gl -gw" PP=ppc386 CPU_TARGET=i386 CPU_SOURCE=i386

and install it with:

  make install

So, it does not require fpc 3.0 or even svn-trunk.

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