[Lazarus] Identifier Completion error: unit not found: generics.collections

silvioprog silvioprog at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 23:08:38 CEST 2016

On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 4:40 PM, Ondrej Pokorny <lazarus at kluug.net> wrote:

> On 15.08.2016 17:48, silvioprog wrote:
> Hello,
> The Identifier Completion (Ctrl+Space) doesn't complete when you declare
> any rtl-generics unit.
> Same error even adding the sparta_generics package in the project. (just
> testing, I'm using the generics.* units from the FPC sources)
> Reported as #30473 <http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=30473>.
> No need to report any CodeTools+generics bugs. There are already a lot of
> issue reports in mantis. It's well known that it doesn't work.
> E.g.
> http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=27847
> http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=30124
> etc etc

OK, no more issues about that.

It seems that I should open a fundraising project for CodeTools+Generics on
> http://foundation.freepascal.org/projects ASAP :)

Is this specific link for feature requesting? I saw "Extended RTTI,
Anonymous functions, Complete Attributes ... and more" there, it sounds
very good. :-)

Silvio Cl├ęcio
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