[Lazarus] Newby Question

Ty Holmquist tholmqui at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 25 09:57:52 CEST 2016

I REALLY did not want to bother you experts with this dumb question, but I have spent about 8 hours researching this question and I cannot find the answer.  I was hoping to be able to search the archives for the answer, but I cannot figure out how to search the archives for the answer.

I have been using Dev-Pas to run programs (.pas programs).  2 weeks ago, I switched over to the Lazarus IDE because it is using the new FPC 3.0.0.  All I want to do is Run/Compile a .pas program.  It just does not work for me.  I bring it up in the Source Editor and I cannot get it to Run/Compile.  The example that I was trying to Run/Compile is in the Examples Subdirectory called myidehelp.pas.   This is just one .pas file that I tried to Run/Compile.

Again, thank you for your time

Ty Holmquist

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