[Lazarus] FCL-PDF change

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Fri Dec 9 18:29:14 CET 2016

On 09.12.2016 18:01, Graeme Geldenhuys via Lazarus wrote:
> On 2016-12-09 15:36, Ondrej Pokorny via Lazarus wrote:
>> I have a runtime exception, though (the relevant line is in #5):
>> #0 fpc_raiseexception(0xc9, 0x5ca84a, 0x79cf5c8) at ..\inc\except.inc:158
>> #1 RUNERRORTOEXCEPT(201, 0x5ca84a, 0x79cf5c8) at
>> ..\objpas\sysutils\sysutils.inc:441
>> #2 HANDLEERRORADDRFRAME(201, 0x5ca84a, 0x79cf5c8) at ..\inc\system.inc:1144
>> #3 HANDLEERRORADDRFRAMEIND(201, 0x5ca84a, 0x79cf5c8) at
>> ..\inc\system.inc:1161
>> #4 fpc_rangeerror at ..\inc\system.inc:755
>> *#5 BUILDCMAPTABLE(0x6790260) at
>> ..\..\..\..\..\..\software\FPC\trunk_src\packages\fcl-pdf\src\fpttfsubsetter.pp:807*
> Some quick feedback. Further testing I managed to reproduce the
> rangecheck error. I've fixed all I could find (I interpreted one of
> Java's primitive data types incorrectly). I'll verify some more code to
> make sure. Expect a fix in FPC's svn repo by Monday.


It looks like international characters make problems as well: 

Unfortunately the test project doesn't reproduce the range check error - 
I'll wait for the Monday fix and report back.


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