[Lazarus] New high DPI features in 1.7

info at voiceliveeditor.com info at voiceliveeditor.com
Fri Dec 9 22:54:16 CET 2016


Just download latest svn to test this.

Immediate problem, opening current project I get message unknown property 
DesignTimeDPI so choose continue loading.

My forms load, then get scaled.
I have checked property of form and Scaled is unchecked False;

The scaling makes my form hard to read and even harder to edit; I am using 
3rd party controls and some fonts are not scaled.

How can I disable this feature, I have my own scaling routines that 
manipulate the controls and underlying fonts etc at  runtime and scale 
perfectly, also my scaling routines also auto add extra controls as the 
screen area increases.

I like the idea for a new project; but I would need this de-activated to 
continue developing current and previous applications.

Question why are my forms scaling when opening them, even though they were 
not designed for this feature. This is scarey.


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