[Lazarus] MariaDB, SQLConnection - Suse vs Debian

Gordon Findlay gfindlay.linux at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 05:28:33 CET 2016

I have a project which uses a TMySQL56Connection to work with a MariaDB
version 10.0.28 For unrelated reasons I moved it from an OpenSUSE LEAP 42.1
box to a Debian 8 one.

They have the same version of MariaDB (mysql -V reports "version 15.1
Distrib 10.0.28-MariaDB" in both cases).

Lazarus/FPC etc are installed in a private directory, not shared. I simply
copied the dirtecory across. I can create and execute other projects as

I transferred the databases, and using mysql from the command line
everything looks as expected.

But when I attempt to access the databases from my project the MySQL 5.6
connector throws an error: "Cannot work with installed MySQL Client
version; got 5.5.0 expected 5.6"

Using TMySQL55Connection doesn't work either: there is a more general error
message, basically "unable to connect".

Identical dev. environment, code and databases - what's different?

Any thoughts?
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