[Lazarus] Raspberry Pi / Shared Libraries

Martin Waller Martin at The-Wallers.net
Wed Jun 8 18:08:54 CEST 2016



I've been trying to build and load dynamically a simple shared library using
Lazarus and the FPC. At the moment I have a simple one function shared
library that compiles and builds cleanly and I have a couple of lines to try
and load the library.


It consistently returns a handle of zero. The associated error from
GetLoadErrorStr is "No such file or directory". Using objdump I can see that
the library needs ld-linus-armhf.so.3 and that is in the /lib folder.


If I replace the library name with a shared library in the same folder
generated using the C compiler then it loads fine.


The only different that I can see in that the Lazarus generated shared
library has the soft-float ABI flag set and the C library has the hard-float
ABI flag set!


Does anyone have any clues as to why this can fail.



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